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Carl Brenders

Carl Brenders

The artistic visions of Carl Brenders reflect his respect for nature. His precise and lively paintings capture the extreme realism of the birds, mammals and habitats he depicts. Brenders paints every detail of his wildlife images - feathers, hair, leaves or pine thorns - until, he says, "they get into my skin."

Brenders was born near Antwerp, Belgium, and has drawn since childhood. He studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Antwerp and later at Berchem. He has produced wildlife illustrations for more that 20 books in a series entitled The Secret Life of Animals. Brenders has been included in the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s prestigious "Birds in Art" show regularly; he also exhibited in their 1987 "Wildlife in Art" show.

The wildlife images of Brenders’ art are first created from pencil sketches; from these sketches his mixed media paintings of water-colour and gouache are completed with a technique he has developed during the last 25 years. His paintings, which encompass every intricacy of nature, devote equal attention to the detail of the wildlife subject and its habitat as well as to the mood created by the light.

Brenders’ art enjoys international acclaim. He is widely collected in North America, in France, Spain, Holland and in his native Belgium. Brenders combines his dreams, his senses, his imagination and his strict attention to anatomical perfection to make his paintings. He says, "Nature is already beautiful, already perfect. That is why I paint the way I do with so much detail and so much realism - I want to capture that perfection."

Selected Carl Brenders Works
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New to the Neighborhood

New to the Neighborhood -

Amber Gaze -
Snowy Owl

The Balance of Nature

Black Wolf

Calm Before The Challenge -
Bull Moose

The Garden Visitor

Ghostly Quiet - Spanish Lynx

Gyrfalcon Portrait

Indian Summer - Bugling Elk

Kalahari Lion

Last Watch -
Siberian Tiger

The Loner

Long Distance Hunters - Wolves
Show Poster

Memories of Tchaikovsky -

Merlins at the Nest

And Miles To Go -

Mother of Pearls -
Polar Bears

The Nesting Season
- House Sparrow

Power and Grace -

Shadows in the Grass -
Young Cougars

Sovereign Gold -
Golden Eagle

Spellbound -

Violet Trails and Cottontails