"A Light in the Wilderness Portfolio"
Stephen Lyman

"A Light in the Wilderness" by Stephen Lyman

Limited Edition Livre De Luxe
"Into the Wilderness"
"The Yosemite Journal"
5 Photographs
15 Painting Reproductions
1 Video
Edition Size: 2,250 signed and numbered portfolios
(signed by Andrea Lyman)
Image Size:
Issue Price: Canadian $1,164.00; US $750.00

Selections from Stephen Lyman's "A Light in the Wilderness" Portfolio
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Photo Plate #1

Photo Plate #2

Photo Plate #3

Photo Plate #4

Photo Plate #5

A Mountain Campfire

The End of the Ridge

The Pass

Evening Light

Embers at Dawn

Last Light of Winter

High Creek Crossing


The Raptor's Watch

Dance of Water and Light

Dance of Cloud and Cliff

Bear & Blossoms

Warmed by the View

Fire Dance

Sunrise in the Wallowas

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