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George McLean

George McLean

George McLean has always loved animals of all sorts and felt he had no other way of communicating his feelings for them, except through his work. He says that his ambition is to paint more pictures better and to deal with his subjects in situations which are not photographable. His painstaking attention to detail and subtle shading require endless hours before the easel and he produces only six or seven major paintings each year.

"George McLean is a serious artist whose love of the wild world permeates his thoughtful paintings. All elements in the scene depicted are studied, learned - and made a part of the whole... an orchestration that is uniquely his own." - Bob Kuhn, Artist, U.S.A.

"If you thought that the great masters of animal art were all a thing of the past, then look again at the work of this great living Canadian artist." - Raymond Harris-Ching, Artist, England

"In any field of human endeavour life is like a pyramid at the top of which there is room for only a very select few. George McLean as an artist - not just an animal artist - is among those few." - David Lank, Art Historian, Montreal, Canada

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Paintings From the Wild
The Art and Life of George McLean
Hardcover Book

Bobcat - Bluejays

A Narrow Escape -
Great Horned Owl and Squirrel




On the Wing - Canada Geese
1987 Wildlife Habitat Canada
Conservation Stamp & Print



Red-Tailed Hawk Mantling

Winter Deer - White Pines

Yellow Labrador Retriever